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The 2002 draft


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Washington: Usually QBs look on coach Steve Spurrier's propensity to play musical chairs with his QBs as a negative, but it worked to the advantage of QB Patrick Ramsey, the Redskins' #1 pick this year. Ramsey was benched after a most unforgettable two-game starting sequence early in the season, but given a second chance late in the year played well enough to be at leastconsidered an option for 2003. For the year, Ramsey, the final player selected in last year's first round, completed just over 52% of his pass attempts and had 9 TD passes versus 8 interceptions. And particularly in his second coming, Ramsey showed a quick smooth delivery and a strong accurate arm, but whether that was enough to convince Spurrier and impatient owner Dan Snyder to keep their wagon hitched to the inexperienced Ramsey with so many veteran options at QB likely to be available this off-season through trades or free ageny remains to be seen. Meanwhile, second-round RB LaDell Betts starred on kickoff returns early in the season, enough so that he won increased playing time in the regular offense. Given that chance, Betts ran for 300 yards, with an impressive 4.7 yards per carry average; he also caught 12 passes and with incumbent starter Stephen Davis apparently on the way out of town, Betts looks to get even more playing time next fall, if he doesn't start outright. At the same time, stumpy FB Rock Cartwright, almost an afterthought as the 257th player selected last April, didn't play all that much, but when he did usually made something happen, while 3rd round CB Rashad Bauman was solid on special teams and should move up to the #3 CB slot next season with Darrell Green retiring. Grade: C

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I don't see how that rates out to be a C grade.

There wasn't a single "bust" and we've found our starting QB. THAT alone makes it a C+ at least. Add in a WR that missed the whole season, who is expected to contribute this year and the whole class is still on the roster.......... C+ at least!

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the Redskins 2002 draft should be reviewed in light of a couple of factors:

1. The team did not have a top 10 pick to start and that means there was no sure-shot 100% franchise player to draft and step in as a given. Unless you have one of those picks, your drafts usually take a year or two to evaluate, maybe longer.

2. The team's first selection was at qb, which is probably the hardest position to handicap coming out of college and one of the toughest to prepare for in the NFL. So, having a rookie that missed camp time and still was able to make a contribution is really nothing short of a miracle. You go back and look at rookie qbs that play a lot even after a full offseason to prepare and the stats usually are a lot worse :)

3. With Davis the incumbent RB in 2002 and Gardner and the Florida Gators set to play WR by the staff, the #2 and #3 picks, Betts and Russell were slated for backup roles. Russell's injury curtailed his season and Betts worked his way into the lineup more slowly than most #2 picks due to the time it took for Davis to work himself completely into the Spurrier doghouse :)

4. At the time the selections were made, Mendes made a comment about the 2002 draft being more about the future than the immediate term. Outside of Ramsey few recognizable players were taken by the Skins. Some such as Betts and Rashad Bauman were mild surprises being taken as high as they were.

5. The Skins worked the draft to add extra selections and that means in some cases giving up earlier picks where guys may be more ready to step in and play (#18 for #32 to select Ramsey) for a greater haul of solid talents that will take time to develop but whose ability is demonstrable.

Overall, the Skins had 10 draft picks last year and 8 of them are still around heading into training camp in 2003. That's 80%.

I think if you look around the league that is a competitive number.

Some teams have already released high draft choices taken during day 1 of that same draft.

Meanwhile the Skins' losses have been the #6 and one of the #7 picks, and both of those players were claimed by other teams and were on NFL rosters in 2002.

Again, not bad.

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I think it's pretty fair. How much higher would you grade them?

I mean, seriously, they got one starter, Ramsey, and he's still a question mark. He's played five games -- sometimes looked great, sometimes looked like a deer in the headlights (or a frozen deer, like in GB). So us skins fans are really high on him, but the jury is still out.

Of all the rest, none are starters. Don't say Betts is, because if he was the skins wouldn't have traded for Canidate. Canidate is pencilled in as the #1. That says a lot about their confidence in Betts at this point. Someday he might be good, but at this point?

All the rest haven't seen much playing time or have only contributed on special teams.

C seems about right for now. Call me again in another year.

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I don't think it's fair to judge the 2002 draft until at least the end of this season. No immediate starters were drafted, hence development time must pass before an accurate assessment can be made. At this juncture all we have are hopeful expectations reinforced by some good (but limited) performances. However, throwing away that disclaimer and going by my homerism gut feel. I think the Skins are going to be very very pleased with this draft since I believe Ramsey will be a legitimate star OB. Far too many years have passed since the team last had one.

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Originally posted by scottb

I don't think it's fair to judge the 2002 draft until at least the end of this season...

I agree. We won't really know until the end of this year or next year. No validity unless they have had ample playing time to show their value - "stupid sports journalist tricks" if you ask me...

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