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Lets see your Redskins room.

Idaho fan

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As the first Pre-season game is just around the corner I find myself thinking about football more and more. Today I finally put up the "fat heads" my wife gave me at Christmas. They look pretty good and I like em.

From time to time I have seen members here post photos of their TV / Redskin rooms. Some are amazing with several jerseys, helmets etc... So I thought it would be great to see a thread that showed everyones sanctuary and decor.

Ill go first - although mine is on the modest side




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The 4 pictures along the wall are Sammy Baugh, Sonny, Joe and Rypien.

I really need to get some more pics of my setup as it's come a long way since these were taken. I used to have an office at the house that bled B&G, but having kids did away with that...so the finishing the basement was the only option!!!!

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It's been slightly updated since this but here goes.

I used the Team Colors from Home Depot.

Be warned for those of you wanting to paint this it took 4 coats of the Burgundy to get it right using Gloss paint.

The end tables can be purchased at the Danbury Mint web site.






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Got 2 52" Sony's

1 in the living room and 1 in the bedroom.

Will probably upgrade the game room next year.It cant handle a 52" but I figure 36 would look nice.

Then I just need to get rid of the footone or what ever that gay thing is and get 2 Lazy boys.

The extra bedroom was cheaper than doing the basement (its a money thing as usuall)

But it's my little bit of VA in STL.

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FYI, they dont sell that particular DM end table anymore. I have called them and searched high and low for it, I dont care for the newer table (square).

Long time Fan, nice to see another Skins room in St. Louis!!!

I'm on the road now so I'll have to upload pictures tomorrow...

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