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What happened to Extremeskins this morning??

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Am I the only one who had a problem with Extremeskins this morning? Up until about 1:00 today I couldn't get it to work -- it became one of those "Register Your Domain Name" sites. I asked a co-worker who sometimes looks at Extremeskins to pull it up on his computer, and he got the same result. Since nobody seems to be talking about it, I assume no one else had this problem. Strange!! I really was concerned, though. I thought Extremeskins was gone forever!! :doh:

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You guys will have to learn to go to CPND when Extremeskins is down. You usually get all the info you're looking for about the site going down and when it will be back up. They are quite kind over there.

And the ones that don't like us ...

... well it's fun to make them bristle. :)

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