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Hewitt, Welch, Miller, Biel, Johannson advance


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Alright, we've voted and round 2 now begins. We are now entering the Top 50 which will consist of five groups of ten with the top five in each group advancing into the Top 25. The competition gets harder and we separate the pretty from the gorgeous. Happy voting and good luck to your favorites.

Vote for FIVE (5) women.

PS: We need more pics this time. Feel encouraged to post pics.

Please look at all the pics below so you actually know all the nominees first...

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Wow. Anybody not voting for Heather Locklear should get their heads checked. Especially if you voted for Jennifer Love Hewitt or Natalie Portman and not her. Heather's one of the all time classic hotties.

+1. Natalie Portman just doesn't do anything for me. Heather Locklear on the other hand...:laugh:

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Biel is not that hot. Her nose is weird, her ass is beat by plenty of others and she doesn't have a Debbe Dunning chest. I agree with the other guy.
:slap: WHAT an ass though. Wait, Welch advanced? I thought we had no perspective of the past :rolleyes:
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