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ES List of the Hottest Women of All-Time (Group 4 of 5) - poll


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ES Lists: Hottest Women of All-Time

Alright, we've made our nominations (so no complaining), and now it's time to narrow it down. There will first be five groups of 20 in which we will vote and narrow it down to the Top 50. Let's see how it breaks down and what eras dominate. Happy voting and good luck to your favorites.


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Really ACW? Pauley Perette? Really?

I'm sorry but the fact that this game has Twiggy and Pauley Perette (among others) and not that French news chick means this game sucks.

You had ample time to nominate her (overrated as she is)...you had your chance.

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Twiggy is on the list? Yet these women aren't: Renee O'Connor, Rachel Luttrell, Amanda Tapping, or Lexa Doig. What is up with that?

There was plenty of time to nominate. :)

And yes, some of the omissions are glaring because all of Generation Y is voting for alot of the women today who aren't really classic beautiful.

And if Megan Fox wins this, I'll throw up.

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