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Who is your favorite Redskin from the "Gibbs era"?

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Who is your favorite Redskin from the "Gibbs era"?*



All polls are to some degree arbitrary and reflect the bias of the author; this poll is certainly not an exception. The problem was that I could only list a total of 9 players (along with the ubiquitous "someone else" option).

Riggins, Darrell Green, Monk, and Grimm were mortal locks, after adding the three superbowl winning QBs (Theisman, Rypien, and Doug Williams) I was left with only 2 slots for ALL the remaining Gibbs era Skins. See my quandry yet?. After going back and forth for awhile I elected to go with Jacoby, and Dexter Manley to round out my final 9.

This meant that some great and well deserving Gibbs-Skins like Charles Mann, Mark May, Clint Didier, Jeff Bostic, Jim Lachey, Darryl Grant, Gary Clark, Ernest Byner, Joe Washington, Rich Milot, Dave Butz, and my sentimental favorite Monte Coleman, among others, were unfortunately left out.

Please feel free to select the "someone else" option if your favorite Gibbs-Skin is not listed and post your choice below.

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I'm with Dave Butz. A very quiet guy, never got much attention. Didtnt make many tackles. (Let alone, sacks).

But, every time I watched him, he was being double- (sometimes triple-) teamed. (And, between him and the two big guys trying to block him, nobody ran through there.)

At least in my (no doubt somewhat fantasy-based) eye, he was one of the unsung guys who made the people around him look better.

And, even by the standards of those, pre- free agency and salary cap, days, he stuck around a long time. (I bet Darrell has more years as a Skin, but not by much.)

I remember watching a game that was being color-commented by Merlin Olsen, and one of his partners made a crack about Merlin sending a bouquet of flowers to Dave. (Merlin was advertising florists at the time). The announcer said it was a very special bouquet, that only gets sent to guys who've started on the line for more than 15 years. :)

(I also remember a funny stat about those Skins: Although no individual Skin was in the top 20 recievers in the NFL, the Skins 1-2 receiver combination was the best in the league. The same thimng was true about their DEs and sacks. (Neither was at the top individually, but the two combined were the best combination.) Somebody asked Art Monk about the lack of a player leading the individual stats, and his response was: "Our attitude is: Our team can beat your team.")

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What a great poll, BCS! Its great to reflect on all those great, great players. So many wonderful memories...here's some personal impressions:

John Riggins - remember the quaint little boy's bow he made after rushing for a buck eighty or so against the Vikings?

Darrell Green - remember the runback of that punt against the Bears? Didn't he actually break a rib on that play?

Art Monk - How about 106 receptions in 1984? Man, what a ballplayer!

Russ Grimm - I still think that Grimm's real first two names are "The Great". I hated to see him leave the Redskin's family.

Joe Jacoby - How about those epic fights with LT or the way he just rolled over opponents when he led a sweep?

Dexter Manley - 18 sacks in 1986 and the play that makes him

my favorite Redskin of this era: knocking Randy White unconscious and out of the game in the NFC title game after he said he hoped Dallas would run at him on every play. We haven't seen his equal to this day!

Joe Theismann - Joe did so many terrific things as a QB for the Redskins but none was bigger (for me anyway) than knocking that ball out of Kim Bokamper's hands in the Super Bowl.

Mark Rypien - I don't know why, because he did so many great things in 1991-1992, but the play I recall so vividly was a quick 50 yard strike to Gary Clark against the Giants in a close win for us. Seems to me, Ryp rolled to the right, then threw against his body to Gary who was streaking down the left sideline...wow!

Doug Williams - Yep, that 2nd quarter in SB XXII. To this day, I've never seen a QB produce like he did in that 15 minute span.

No doubt about it, we Redskins fans have a rich history full of things to to be proud of.

One other guy really sticks in my mind: Mark Moseley, the best clutch kicker ever. Will the league ever again have a kicker as it's MVP? I doubt it.

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1. Joe Gibbs

2. Jim Lachey

3. John Riggins

4. Gary Clark

I don't know even know why I idolized Lachey... he was just an anchor who dominated his position. You never had to worry about his side. And watching him maul defenders was truly enjoyable.

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Man, it's almost like picking between children, isn't it? Which one do I like the most?

I like the lunch pail guys like Olkiewitz, Bostic and Butz. The dependable stars like Monk, Grimm, Jacoby, and Mann. The brats like Clark and Manley. The egoists like Riggins and Theisman. The little guys that could like Green and Brown. The shooting stars like Williams and Rypien, and even Timmy Smith. The unsung guys like Cronan and Coleman (though he got pretty recognized by the end). Okay, I think I've officially wimped out of answering this question. These were the guys that I identified as Redskins. It's been years, but a lot of the newer guys have just never risen to that level. It may be the winning, but I think it is more free agency and the Norving. I can see Jansen getting that old Redskin feel... perhaps Arrington, for some reason, strangely, I don't get that vibe from Champ.

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I gotta go with Butz. I thought the guy never got the recognition he deserved because his stats weren't astronomical. He brought his "lunch pail" to every game and would collapse the line of scrimmage like no one before or after him in a Skins uni. This allowed the LBs to make plays, because he caused so much havoc and occupied so many people at the point of attack. Besides he played for years...far longer than I, or many others, thought he would.

Also, love the fact that he had to run over an animal on the way to the stadium on game days. Best to keep Fluffy indoors on Sundays when ole Dave was around.

Actually, Moseley, who rode to the games with Butz, began finding roadkill, and freezing it until Sun. mornings. Then he'd go out early, and put it out on their route in. Butz just had to drive over an animal...it could've already been roadkill, didn't matter. Mose said he started the freezing thing after a ride in took countless detours until Butz found something to squash.

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All of 'em. :D However, I do remember this little exchange to this day between John Madden and Pat Summerall on Gary Clark.

Pat: "Hey. Gary Clark could be a guy for the All Madden team."

John: "Oh yea. that's what you do witht he All madden team. You start with ol # 84 and work from there."



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This is a great poll. Just reading the posts made my spine tingle. Every one of the players mentioned are high in my heart as a Redskin fan. My 2cents....................

1. Jack Kent Cooke. The man put together the pieces and surrounded himself with the best to accomplish one goal every year.............. Winnning the Superbowl.

2. Joe Gibbs. Possibly the most disciplined coach to ever grace the sidelines.

3. John Riggins. Every one on the defense knew it was coming and couldn't stop it.

4. Dave Butz. I loved watching the Skins would Madden would announce and he always wanted to see Dave Butz in the backfield like the Fridge. I also loved it when he talked about the scratches and paint scrapings that came off of his helmet.

5. Dexter Manley. The guy had an unstoppable motor and always came up big at crucial times.

6. Darrel Green. Simply the best during his prime and some time thereafter.

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