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Moose resigns ...


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Cheif Moose, that is.


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Police Chief Who Led Sniper Probe Resigns

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose resigned Wednesday in the wake of conflict with county leaders over a book he wrote about the investigation of the Washington-area sniper shootings.

Moose's attorney, Ron Karp, read a statement from Moose that said the chief made the decision to resign and that it is time "to move on and explore other paths in life."

Moose's statement said he didn't want to dwell on the past and prefers to "focus on the future." Moose said he had worked to make Montgomery County a "safe and secure place to live."

Moose also thanked County Executive Douglas Duncan for supporting his desire to write the book and appeal the commission's decision.

Montgomery County police spokeswoman Joyce Utter referred all questions to Duncan's office.

After the county ethics commission ordered Moose to drop the book project, Moose challenged the decision on two fronts, appealing the decision in county circuit court and filing a federal lawsuit claiming his free speech rights were being violated.

The book, "Three Weeks in October," has been posted for preorder sales on the Internet. The book is scheduled to be released in October, one year after the sniper attacks.

Moose currently is on active duty with a military police unit of the D.C. National Guard, and his statement said he would remain on guard duty for the foreseeable future.

Two months ago, Duncan named Assistant Chief Bill O'Toole the department's acting chief. He has been running the department's routine operations in Moose's absence.

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About the book and movie deal I really can see both sides. Though in all honesty, the part of me that thinks he should be able to get the book and movie money is the part of me that thinks he should split that money amongst all the police and feds who were instrumental in tracking and eventually coralling those snipers... Moose was more than the spokesman, but how instrumental he was in gathering info and designing the plan that led to their capture or even identifying the vehicle, I don't know. Still, another part of me says, he was the face of the law during this episode and as much as we pay the villians, a good guy deserves to get paid too sometimes.

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