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<-- Fios Customer..looking for a short term dial up ISP

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Good evening all. I'm a happy FIOS customer.

My wife, kids and I are going on vacation soon. For work, I need to be able to connect to the Interwebs at least twice a day while we are on vacation.

Verizon has basically told me that I can sign up for a year long mobile wireless card or they can't help me.

Love the FIOS product - hate the Verizon service and Customer care.

So...I'm looking for an ISP that I can dial in to on the Eastern Shore of Delaware. No long term contract and would just be happy to take my money for one month of basic dial up.

Anybody have any ideas of where I should begin to look?

Thanks for the help....


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It does not have Internet available....it is a house owned by a woman my wife works with. We've gone every year (except last year when we moved) for the last six years. In years past, I used my Dad's dial up account. He now has a phone and wireless card and doesn't use the dial up when he travels.

I can check on the wi-fi in the area....I know Paneras is great w/ the wi-fi....but Starbucks, Mickey D's and most places require you to buy a plan to use their service. I can do that if need be....but I was thinking if I can sign up for a month of net zero for $20 vs. signing up for AT&T thru Starbucks @ $15 - I can get on the Interwebs while I'm sipping coffee in my jammies vs. venturing down the road to McDs.

Specifically we'll be in South Bethany.

Thanks for the reply.


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