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Aloha, Mr Hand


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Off to my new Headquarters job in beautiful downtown Honolulu. Hickam Field actually. I'll be out of here for a month or so, and by then maybe we can all start to unite and bash flamers from other teams, instead of the friendly bashing of liberals that goes on here, fun though it is. Keep the faith gentlemen. Aloha

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Hey, have fun Sarge! And while you're in the islands be sure to hit a few sites:

1) Mt. Kilauea on the big island--active volcano that you have to see to believe--it's amazing.

2) Anywhere in Kauai--hit the waterfalls, they allow you to shoot off of them into the lagoons--(it's a smooth ride b/c the rocks are so mossy)

3) Diamond Head in Oahu

4) Stay away from Waikiki--very touristy

5) Ride the trails on Maui

6) The Sunday brunch at the Hale Koa hotel on Oahu is incredible!

Have a great time, I'm sure you will! Aloha!:cheers:

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If you get a chance Sarge, track down a restaurant called Sam Choys. It's on the far end of Waikiki about 6 blocks from the water.

Also, go to Kaua'i as often as possible. By far the best of the islands.

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I've got family that lives on the westside of Oahu in Waianae. It's been a loooonnng time since I was able to get out to see them. I must say that I am extremely envious. As a little side bar, my uncle played high school ball with Kurt Gouveia at Waianae High School.

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