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High Speed Internet and Gaming

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I am moving to an area where I can now get high speed internet (yea, welcome to the 21st century:silly:) and want to know what most people are running that play 360 or PS3 online.

FiOs offers 15/5 or 25/15 and Comcast caps out at 20/4 and base is 15/3.

Any info would be helpful. :cool2:


I'd get the Fios 25/15 - no doubt about it.

Although I currently have Comcast and haven't had very many problems with lag over my wireless network.

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Do you have the 20/4 or teh 15/3 (if you remember).


Pretty sure it's the 20/4 but not 100% sure - although it should be for what we have been paying.

FWIW my family is switching to Fios on Friday while I am moving and am going to be stuck with Cox.

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At those kinds of speeds, it makes no difference.

Get Fios 15 Mbps service. With cable you don't get near those speeds because you share bandwidth with the rest of the area. Get Fios also because it has 100 + HD stations (and in better quality) compared to Comcast's measly offering.

But yeah my friend has 768 kbps DSL and his XBOX Live runs fine, no need to shell out extra cash for 20 or 25 Mbps.

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