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CBS: Prisco: All Over/Under Team (Rest of the NFC East)


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Dallas Cowboys

Overrated: WR Roy Williams. Has he ever lived up to the hype? He had better now or Dallas will be in trouble at receiver.

Underrated: NT Jay Ratliff. How he didn't make the Pro Bowl last season is a mystery. He was dominant.

New York Giants

Overrated: MLB Antonio Pierce. His bark is bigger than his bite. He is a good player but not nearly as good as some would believe.

Underrated: LT David Diehl. He isn't an elite player, but after moving from guard, he has done a nice job at left tackle.

Philadelphia Eagles

Overrated: RB Brian Westbrook. He's a good player but some think he's great. He doesn't stay on the field, and for a guy who didn't rush for 1,000 yards last season, you'd think he was Adrian Peterson the way some talk about him.

Underrated: S Quintin Mikell. He was the Eagles' best safety last season, not Brian Dawkins. He's a good tackler who has improved in pass coverage.

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David Diehl doesn't deserve to be on this list. He's been at best serviceable as a pass protector the last two years. There's no mystery why the Giants took an LT in the second round of this year's draft.

It's remarkable how much the perception of Westbrook has changed from last offseason to this offseason. I guess that's just how things go in the NFL.
Same thing has happened to Osi. Injuries scare people. A lot.
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Dallas has a lot of better overrated choices

MBIII, Flo-Slo, Romo sits to pee, Gurode, Newman

Westbrook overrated? :wtf: he is the Eagle offense

Shawn Andrews is the better choice

Agree with all that :yes:...picking Westbrook for the "overrated" Eagles player smacks of forced controversy. Plus, the argument made against Westbrook could be made against MBII lol...

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LOL at Ratliff being the reason Ware got so many sacks.

Ware is a dominant player and looking at Haynesworth money when he re-signs, ratliff won't see anything close to that.

Alas, I digress.

For me it's a toss up between MB3 and RW as the overrated dallass player.

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He was the major reason Where had so many sacks...that and the pukes' defensive scheme, of course.

Care to elaborate?

I love Ratliff as much as the next Cowboy fan and at 290 he is more then a bargain at Nose Tackle. But him being the reason Ware gets Sacks is a joke. Ware get's the majority of his sacks by rushing the outside and abusing the double team.

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Wait, what? That's just wrong. Bashing any and every Cowboy player, fan, coach, and everyone else in their organization is his schtick. tr1, you can't do this to us!

He does it by saying Ware is average and he owes all his success to Ratliff, and before that it was Ellis.

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