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I'm overweight. But I would be considered over weight even when I was in peak physical shape.

BMI has been criticized. I don't think its an accurate way to measure obesity.

neither do I....

6'1" and 140 pounds is "normal weight"


6'1" 190 lbs is "overweight"

someone could easily be out of shape at 6'1 190, but they could ALSO easily be in perfect shape. On the other hand, 6'1 140 lbs is a twig no matter how you look at it.

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i agree that for anyone with much muscle mass BMI is not a great tool. I was a college swimmer (a sport more known for being lean, than being jacked!) and at my physical peak i was 6'0 200 lbs (with around 4% body fat). That put me at 27.1, which is not only counted as overweight by BMI, it is only a few pounds from obese!

Im actually in much worse shape now (i know, muscle weighs more than fat!) and at 22.2

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for what it is worth, I am 6'1" and 175 === 23.1

that is not that far from the "overweight" category, but I think most people would call me kinda skinny

That is pretty skinny. BMI is stupid.

I'm 6'0 and I would have to be 183lbs to be JUST UNDER overweight. The last time I was 183 was junior year of HS.

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But if you were size 48 pants, and comfortably fit into them, then how what kind of measurement is that? You are still obese!

Point taken....I have been going through wardrobe changes this summer though...going from a 40 to a 38 and from XXL to XL

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