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More Lost Treasures of the 1991 Redskins & more


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I am sure alot of you will find more of them in the related videos section.....There are soooo many CLASSIC videos in here man!!!! The media adored us back in the day... As a young Redskins fan...I have NEVER seen this but it is great.

C'mon Skins..Lets do it again and be the best team in football and take over the new decade approaching us like we took over the 80s and early 90s!!!

i dont know about the bolded part. after going back and watching the 91 team, i dont know how they cant be at least in the conversation for top 10 all time team (they dont seem to be mentioned by those media folk). they could beat you every way. watching rypien stand back there with all day... WOW.

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