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I don't have a picture to display it, but here's a description. It's the new "Reversable Jersey".

It has a dual purpose :

1) For all the times your favorite player switches teams on you, and heads to a division rival, just when you were starting to like him, and right after you finally had the courage to fork out the 70 or so dollars for an authentic jersey. Example : On one side of the jersey, you have the #87 Redskin Rod Gardner. Then the following year, when he decides to shoot over to the New York Giants for more bucks, just flip over the jersey, and it's a #87 NY Giant Rod Gardner. Problem solved.

2) Works great for fairweather fans too. Example : If you're a fairweather Redskin fan, who bails out when the Skins do poorly, and latches on to a team like, say the Bears. Just custom order a jersey with the Skins on one side, and the Bears on the other.

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A Playoff Primer that i wrote last year for my website.


So, your team is out of the playoffs. Yes, that borderline retard that coaches your team has kept you from the winter party once again. But, don't despair! It's not over yet! You can still be one of the happy few who's team will win it all!

Bandwagons are filling up as we speak, and the best part is, they are never sold out! You can hop a bandwagon at any time, and any place.

How does one do this, you may wonder. How can one just change teams in the middle like this, with no repercussion? What will your friends think?

Well, don't worry, if you hop on the bandwagon, you're sure to make all kinds of new pals. Who needs those other losers anyway? THEIR team isn't in the playoffs, like YOUR new one is.

So, the following is a how-to guide for bandwagon jumping.

Read it. Use it. And you too can become the popular person you've always thought you were.

The first thing you must do is choose which team's bandwagon you want to climb aboard.

It's generally a good idea to pick one that actually may go far, but this is NOT critical. The beauty of becoming a bandwagoner is that you are free to jump from team to team whenever you choose. If you were a Dolphins fan last week, have no fear, this week you can become a Jets fan.

Next, you must learn the lingo. Read up three recent rumors about the team, and memorize them. Repeat them over and over when asked about the team, and scream and yell that the other guy is a bandwagon fan. Deflecting attention is critical. The first to fire the 'bandwagon' salvo is usually the one with the upper hand. Repeat the following phrase:

"I've been a fan of (insert team here) for (insert age here) years!"

Third: Wardrobe. To become a true bandwagon fan, one must have a closet full of jackets, t-shirts, and hats. To save money, just buy stock vinyl jackets in a variety of colors, then buy appliques of the teams you want to follow. Have at least two T-shirts at the ready for any social gathering, as you will want to show off your newfound status as a winner immediately. Important, make sure you rub some dirt on your new apparel so it looks like you've had it for a while. This time of year though, the "Look what I got for Christmas" excuse works when folks smell your obviously new coat.

Fourth: Be Prepared! A wise bandwagon fan has already laid out his rank of succession for the playoffs. Example: Johnny B. was a Patriots fan last year, having traded in his Ravens gear. This year, Johnny B does not want to go thru the frantic hassle of trying to find a bandwagon in the middle of the playoffs, so he has made a list. Johnny has chosen the Steelers to start with, because basic black is also a part of the Raiders uniforms, which makes for easy change. "What Steelers jacket? I've been a Raider fan for (insert age here) years!"

With this primer, you should have no problem becoming a successful bandwagon jumper. You will enjoy the rich rewards that come with follwing a winner. Women will want you. They will want to bear your children. Strangers will respect you, because as you well know, wearing the colors of a super bowl champ means YOU'RE a winner, too.



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