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Confederations Cup 2009 South Africa


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Well the first round of games were today. Iraq and South Africa tied, and Spain as expected is blowing out New Zealand on their cake walk to the second round. The USA plays Italia tomorrow at 225 EST. Sorry to say but the US really has no chance against Italy unless the Azzurri get another red card in the first half and allow another own goal. Although Italy is notorious for their slow starts in major tournaments so the USA has that going for them as well as Cannavaro being out. Goodluck to the US but having to play Italy and Brazil their tournament was over as soon as the draw came out.

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Torres had one of the quickest hat tricks I have ever seen yesterday... 17 minuteS? that absurd?

As for the OP's comments on the U.S. / Italy game, I think you're a little out of line in saying that the U.S. has "No chance". In recent years, the U.S. has played pretty decently against the World Cup champions. Last world cup we were the only squad to get a point on the team.

However, I do feel that our backline is going to be overmatched today. If Bradley decides to start beasley are LB again, Toni and Rossi will have a field day.

We will see though, I think the outcome will be among the line of 2-0 Italy.

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kilmer, do you know if the US game is going to be on 360? And what is 360? does tht just mean you can watch it online?

Sounds like the Brazil game was amazing.

I am at work and am pissed im missing the US game. I already have the recorder set so at least I can watch it when I get home... Im sure my dad will spill the info though and tell me the outcome before i get home :mad:.

I took off thursday from work to watch the US game... 4 day weekend!!!:wavetowel:jump::wavetowel

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