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Cerrato Weighs in on Redskins' Progress


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Editor's Note: Vinny Cerrato, the Redskins' vice president of football operations, played a large role this offseason in bringing in a bevy of free agents to Washington. Cerrato also was instrumental in navigating the Redskins through April's draft, which yielded wide receiver Taylor Jacobs, offensive lineman Derrick Dockery and quarterback Gibran Hamdan.

Washington wrapped up its off-season coaching sessions Wednesday at Redskin Park. Following practice, Cerrato spoke with the media.

How did coaching sessions finish up?

I think everything went well. Number one, nobody got hurt, and I think that's the most important thing. Guys have learned what to do, learned the offense and probably feel more comfortable now than they did a few months ago. They also were able to work on their individual skills. Between now and the time we start training camp, the players can keep focusing on the weights and other things like that. Then we'll be ready to go on July 27, when the players are scheduled to report to camp.

Do you think all of the pieces are in place?

There's a lot of things that have to come together. We feel good about the guys we have on the team. We just want them to keep improving and keep working together.

Do you have any moves planned at this point?

It doesn't look like it. I don't think so. We're very comfortable with what we have. But you never say never. I wouldn't think so, though.

How do you feel about having camp at Redskin Park?

It's convenient. The offices are here. You don't have to move anything or drive a far distance. In terms of flying people in and getting to the airport, holding camp here makes things a lot more convenient.

The team seems to have a glut at running back and wide receiver. Will you consider trading any receivers or running backs?

You never know. I think those things will work themselves out. We like what we have here, we like the depth we have. The competition makes everybody better. We enjoy having a competition. The cream rises to the top.

Do you feel the team has enough on the defensive line right now?

I think so. We have some guys with nicks who haven't practiced. Those guys will be back for training camp, so the numbers will be up. We also have some guys in NFL Europe who will be back in the mix, so we'll have plenty of legs to get through camp. You want to practice smart with the guys who have nicks.

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