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USA Today: Adult video company pitches Texans for ads on practice jerseys


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Adult video company pitches Texans for ads on practice jerseys

Zero Tolerance Entertainment, which markets adult videos, claims it has pitched the Houston Texans to place an ad on the team's practice jerseys,.

The NFL approved teams selling ad space on their practice jerseys at its March meetings. Several teams have considered the idea, but Zero Tolerance would represent the most unusual suitor thus far.

PFT cited a press release from Zero Tolerance saying the company offered "several zeroes" in its offer to the Texans. The team hasn't confirmed the offer, and whether Houston would consider making a deal with an adult entertainment company is unknown.

(Here's the link to the Zero Tolerance website. But be forewarned, that link is not family-friendly and probably not suitable for work.)

When the practice jersey ads were approved, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told USA TODAY he expected teams to try to sell the ad space to companies they already had relationships with.

"I think most teams would go back to their regular sponsors," Bisciotti said. "I would go to M&T Bank (the Ravens' stadium sponsor) first and then go down my sponsor list."

Zero Tolerance's press release seems to indicate it faces an uphill path to making a deal with the Texans.

"Every team in the league starts the season by saying, that they’ll have Zero Tolerance for losing,” the company said. "While our offer may not be taken seriously, there is some undeniable synergy between the NFL and the name of our company."

So, should the Texans or other NFL teams consider offers from companies such as Zero Tolerance?

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Not sure what to say about this.

1. I don't want our league to turn into NASCAR (even if it is just practice).

2. I sure do hope that they decline the bid. I know that I wouldn't want my team to be associated with that (not necessarily that I care about the adult film industry one way or the other.) Rather, outside of the Linc, the NFL is a game for families.

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