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*WILL* Obama tell the truth or break another long standing tradition.


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We ALL know that in the past it was the PRESIDENT that stood up and took credit for the good and the bad.

We ALL read in the History books about said incidents and we live, no check that we proclaim the sense of pride KNOWING we took the right path.

We have hit another one of those moments and I think President Obama is falling victim to pressure within his cabinet not to stand up and say the buck stops here, I have to admit: I chopped down that tree.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Strong winds have knocked down a tree on the White House's North Lawn. The tree appeared to have been snapped off near its base during a storm Tuesday afternoon. The large tree had stood between Pennsylvania Avenue and the West Wing.

White House spokesman Bill Burton says it was a European linden. Grounds crews on Wednesday will grind up the tree to use it for mulch.

Burton says the tree was planted in 1940 but not by a president to mark a special occasion.

To blame an act of God? Really? Live by the standards of the 1st President and just man up.


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