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The ES List of the Greatest Cartoons Ever - Terrific 24 - Beta (closed)


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We have narrowed it down to the "Terrific 24":silly:

We will now have 4 groups of 6 and vote for 3 per group to find out who makes the Triumphant 12 (or something like that). The voting gets tough and you are really going to have to dig deep to figure out who to vote for. This will be truly exciting. Happy voting and good luck to your favorites!

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Scooby, Pinky, Futurama.

Doug a runner up.

All over DuckTales, you've gotta be joking. Doug is not even in the same league. I almost voted for Pinky and the Brain but they will be represented in Animaniacs. Either way DuckTales is better than every cartoon up there except maybe Futurama.

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Scooby Doo, Pinky and the Brain and Futurama. I missed all of the early rounds, but how did Pinky and the Brain get its own entry when it was part of Animaniacs? Futurama was an awesome show and I grew up watching Scooby Doo and Animaniacs.

This was a tough one since I watched Ducktales when it was on the Disney Channel with Talespin, Chip and Dale, and Gooftroup.

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