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US SOCCER WC qualifier tomorrow night


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If anyone follows it as closely as I do and needs a cheat sheet to see what the US best road to qualifying looks like, here is my best summary-

We shouldnt be rooting for the results that enable us to finish first after 10 games. We should be rooting for the results that get us to a guarenteed spot in the top 3 at the earliest point.

Since we have already lost to Costa Rica away, it is in our best interest for them to also beat everyone else both home and away.

So if CR beats TT, and MEX beat ES and we beat Hond

The table looks like this







Then Wed we root for a ES win over Hond (not happening) or a tie. And a Mexico win over TT.

The table then looks like-




Hond-4 (or 5)

ES- 5 (or 3)


If we get to this point, 16 points would then be guarenteed no worse than 4th. 17 points would be guarenteed 3rd.

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MAN would I LOVE to see Mexico go into a playoff with the CONMEBOL team.

Not me. I love rooting against Mexico, but the reality is that they consistently do well at the WC, and that helps Concacaf continue to get as many spots as we do now.

Can you imagine only getting 2 guarenteed slots for the Region? (shudder)

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For those interested, the Socceroos have three qualifying games remaining, but only need one point to qualify for the WC. They play Qatar (away) in a little under 4 hours, and all we need is a draw and we're in.

I see you got that draw today. Congrats! :)

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How that wasn't called a PK is beyond my comprehension.

This ref sucks. He looks Hispanic. Just saying, don't shoot me.

We are so close to scoring on Honduras. We've had several great chances.

GOAL!!! I missed it, guess Donovan got a PK goal(redemption).

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I see you got that draw today. Congrats! :)

I quit watching about 15 minutes into the second half (mind you, it was 3.30am), as it was looking like neither team actually wanted to score.

I can understand the Aussies wanting a draw, but Qatar needed the win, and a win against Japan, to have their chance at qualifying.

Anyway, we're in the WC, and that's what matters.

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Here are the current CONCACAF standings...

Costa Rica 5 gp 12 pts

United States 5 gp 10 pts

El Salvador 4 gp 5 pts

Honduras 4 gp 4 pts

Mexico 4 gp 3 pts

Trinidad & Tobago 4 gp 2 pts

Rest of the schedule for CONCACAF

10.6.2009 Mexico - Trinidad & Tobago 20:00 Ciudad de Mexico, MEX

10.6.2009 Honduras - El Salvador 19:30 San Pedro Sula, HON

12.8.2009 Honduras - Costa Rica 19:30 San Pedro Sula, HON

12.8.2009 Trinidad & Tobago - El Salvador 19:30 Port of Spain, TRI

12.8.2009 Mexico - USA TBD Ciudad de Mexico, MEX

5.9.2009 Costa Rica - Mexico 20:00 San Jose, CRC

5.9.2009 USA - El Salvador 17:57 Sandy, Utah USA

5.9.2009 Honduras - Trinidad & Tobago 19:30 Tegucigalpa, HON

9.9.2009 El Salvador - Costa Rica 19:00 San Salvador, SLV

9.9.2009 Trinidad & Tobago - USA TBD TBD, TRI

9.9.2009 Mexico - Honduras TBD Ciudad de Mexico, MEX

10.10.2009 Costa Rica - Trinidad & Tobago TBD San Jose, CRC

10.10.2009 Mexico - El Salvador TBD TBD, MEX

10.10.2009 Honduras - USA TBD TBD, HON

14.10.2009 USA - Costa Rica TBD Washington, D.C. USA

14.10.2009 Trinidad & Tobago - Mexico TBD TBD, TRI

14.10.2009 El Salvador - Honduras TBD TBD, SLV

The U.S. has 4 games remaining... 2 of which are at home. Our next game is in August at Mexico... another place we have never won in world cup qualifying. After that, we have two very winnable games, including a home match against el salvador, and an away match against T&T. Hopefully after the third game, we will have wrapped up our qualifying bid. Because even though our last game is at home, I wouldn't want to fact Costa Rica in a game where we must accumulate points to make it in.

Kilmer said earlier in the thread that there was a scenerio where we only need 16 points to get in, and 17 almost certainly ensures us in. If we get those two wins against El Salvador and T&T, I would have to imagine that we qualify.

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