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Bored to Tears.......

Capt. Kaos

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Ah, I did see it actually. I just thought it was some random caps lock fail and didn't notice the ninja at the end. Good work. :)

Maybe I went a little over board.:D

CK I hope you feel better soon!

I've been there and it sucks.We didn't have the interweb's yet.:D

You got any good books to read?

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I forgot about the one option that wasnt really an option..... passing out! :silly:

You guys are having way to much fun over in the stadium with all the ninja-pwnage :hysterical:

I expect to play a ton of old games over the next couple days, I enjoy those anyways, they bring back the good ol' days for me.

Thanks for the well wishes!

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I played the original Zelda when I was laid up with a broken foot. I beat the hell out of it. But, I mean, it entertained me for a bit.

wow, the original.

I'm trying to get to the point where I can beat the hacked SNES version, but I'm not as dedicated anymore.

My sis just bought it on Wii too, so now I have an excuse to visit her.

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