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TO called me about buying GA tix...


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...the funny thing is I am already a STH w/ 4 seats. In the message on my machine, she distinctly said "General Admission" tix, so this is not the typical come on to buy the club seats (unless it is the scam to join the TD or TG Club).

Anybody else get a call like this? I might call back tomorrow just to see where the seats are. Heck, if they can give me 1 near my current 4, I might take them up on it.

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No phone calls but we have received 3 or 4 GA letters this year alone.

...have not gotten a letter yet. To my knowledge nobody in our house is on the waitlist (unless I put one of the dogs on the list and forgot about it).

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Thats what I initially thought too...
LOL' date=' that is EXACTLY what i thought the thread was talking about![/quote']
me too! I was like :wtf: does that mean ahaha
Seriously though' date=' who is TO?[/quote']
+1 I actually thought that rofl
The OP really needs to clarify the Title' date=' I seriously thought T.O. called him for tickets[/quote']

LOL! Don't feel too bad about the thread-title. I did the same thing in this thread http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=288164, so I changed the title.

I'm not sure how folks get confused, given that "TO" and "tix" are in the same title.:whoknows:

The confusion would be easier to understand if this thread had been posted in the ATN forum.

To take it back on track...did you at least call them and see what types of seats are being offered?

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