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***Official Invade SD thread.*** January, 2010!! Get your tickets here.


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Great pics. Especially the ones with me in them. :silly:

I was proud of myself for realizing I could "show the captain in me" while showing off my customized Redskins converse at the same time.


ETA: not to mention those pimp ass glasses.

Dude, no offense, but those look like glasses a chic would wear.;)

Get ya some Oakleys, bro.

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Those were great pics MissU28 :cheers:

Sorry I didn't catch you or too many others, my friend and I were exhausted and were doing good to make it there. We did get to meet Sebowski, ilone, and some other cool guy who we didn't get the name of.

I absolutely love San Diego. If the west coast wasn't so far from family and the Redskins I'd be out there in a heartbeat.

Yeah, I hear its nice too. But I also hear the cost of living there is pretty high. No thanks.

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