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What are you guys planning to do for New Year's? house party? go out?

honestly i was thinking house party but i am sure we can decide something as a group.

i dont wanna go downtown and we all know that DUI checkpoints are crazy out there.

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Yeah, we had a pretty good time without MissU in Canton. I will say it's not a party without BigMike though.

You just don't know what it would have been like with me there, your idea of "partying" must be extremely deluded:silly:

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For those of us not staying at Hotel BigMike is someone going to put together a list of suggested hotels?

I've stayed at the Hotel Circle HOJOs....it was decent. Pretty cheap, too. Even cheaper if you work for the gov.

Just don't think the fliers that are left on your door that say you can get like 15 chicken nuggets, pizza, and wings all for 10 bucks are a good deal.

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