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Game performance statisics


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I was looking at the thread where pat (orwhothehellever) was justifying his 21st pre-pre-pre-pre-pre season ranking, and several statistics were referenced about home field performance.

My wife swears up and down that the Skins cannot win a game without a 3 TD lead 1/2 way through the 4th. If it's any closer, we tank.

I know one of you number crunchers have looked at this, but under the Good years, we could put (and keep) other teams down. Since then (the Danny era) how many games have we lost after having a lead going into the 4th? Has anyone done a numerical comparison? If you did, I am sure it would show a team with no killer instinct.

To me it's a killer instinct that is a representation of the organization. Not something brought by a new coach or owner (See Beagles, Steelers, Pat's etc..) It's something that defines the players, the team, the fans.

Look at the numbers, how many games in the Danny era did we give away after leading in the 3rd, or worse, the 4th?

We used to have a killer instinct. What killed it? Danny? FedEx? Vinnie? The passing of Mr Cooke?

Has the organization given up on staffing the team with ball players and concentrated on drafting / picking up marketing tools?? :doh:

When I played, it was about "man'ing" up and kicking the other teams ass, mano-et-mano. With pride, joy and little blood, mine and theirs. I cannot stand to see our guys kissing up to other teams after another half-hearted performance that resulted in another flat loss. On that note, how many times, after an emotional win do we come out flat? Where are the leaders...????????

Maybe bolstering the "D" to get that blood lust may be just the ticket... :helmet:

What's ya'lls thoughts? Why cant we keep a beat team down??? I aint gonne blame the stadium (maybe it's haunted..yeh right), How can it be the Danny? his butt is in the sky box, not playing on the field.

we'll see....

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well imo, in recent years the defense is to gassed on those late drives tyring to protect the lead because gibbs would call dive plays up the middle 3 times in a row at the beginning the 4th quarter and we expected our defense to hold. not gonna happen. same with zorn, we need to keep hammering away and get that knife in the ass to seal the game. we cant keep relying on our defense to hold. teams are to fast and score way to fast now, it aint like it was before.

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I know we lost a bunch in 2007 after leading at halftime or later.


Lost to Giants after leading 17-10 going into 4th

Lost to Eagles after leading 15-13 heading into 4th, we were even up 22-13 in the 4th

Lost to Bills after leading 16-8 going into 4th


Lost to Rams after taking 17-16 lead in 4th

Lost to Cowboys after leading 14-10 in 4th

Lost to 49ers after leading 17-14 in 4th

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See that's what scares me, there's even a name for doing the same thing over and over expecting differend results...


Was the prevent a function of the quality of players we had??? ( I pray ), or because it's what the coach prefers (I pray not).....

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It is very simple and it is something that has plagued us since Danny took over.

Depth! We have lacked depth every year which is why we have to overdose our starters and not give them a rest. Look at the Giants. They shuffle people in and out. There starters are not that much better than ours, but there depth is wayyyy better than ours. Until we understand that we need to build our roster properly instead of just stocking up on starters, we will be in that situation.

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