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Navy’s USS Kitty Hawk Officially Decommissioned in Bremerton


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BREMERTON — The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk was decommissioned Tuesday at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard after more than 48 years of service.

Members of the final crew lowered the ship’s commissioning pennant from the main mast and the United States flag and First Navy Jack from their staffs after Kitty Hawk commanding officer Capt. Todd Zecchin closed out the ship’s deck log.

“It’s hard to capture the feeling in words,” Zecchin said. “This is the second aircraft carrier that I’ve decommissioned, and it doesn’t hit you immediately until you’ve lowered the commissioning pennant for the last time.”

A formal decommissioning ceremony was held on Jan. 31.

Kitty Hawk’s officers of the deck have used the log to track shipboard activities since commissioning on April 29, 1961.


I was on the ****ty Kitty in 94 and onboard when an F-14 crashed in to it while landing. Great ol ship...

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And who can forget that historic day when Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first airplane in history across the deck of the Kitty Hawk.

Rather good luck that the ship was already equipped for aircraft.


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