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help me name my new dog!!


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sorry Mike not trying to Hijack!

I noticed it, guess the guy didn't like me hotlinking from his website. Dip**** Swede, or Fin, or Dane, not sure, he has one of those names with too many K's and S's. I thought about posting his e-mail so people here could flame him, but decided against it.

I've updated, as you can see.

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Ooohh, congrats Mike on a new doggy, especially for adopting it from a rescue shelter. I am partial to Redskins names. My have a cool cat named Portis and a basset named Mr. Gibbs - but of course my little nieces and nephew have wussified those names and call them Porty and Gibbies :cry:

So just keep that in mind. If you are around little kids much, they will always manipulate the name into something whimpy, lol.

I'd go with "Bruiser." I like that name. But I think that would be better suited for a tiny, harmless dog cuz that would be funny. I like the names you've thought of though, especially "Cooley."

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