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I used some older (2000) stats and came up with this.. should still be accurate. I don't know if I could absolutely get them all right off the top of my head, but give it a try WITHOUT resorting to Rich's book.....

1. Who are the three redskins to have played 16 years or more for the team? (easy)

2) What well known redskin (who played for the team sometime in the last twenty years and went to multiple pro bowls) dropped out of school, driving a furniture truck for a year, before going back to school and getting drafted by the skins? (think if he had not gone back to school....)

3) Name the three players who have led the league three years in a row in total yards from scrimmage? (One of the players was beaten out by a future hall of famer, or would have been the first ever player to do it 4 consecutive years)

4) Name ALL the redskin running backs who have broken 1000 yards.

5) What redskin had 2081 combined net yards in one season (in the 80's or 90's), finishing second in that catagory? What year was it? Who led the league in combined yardage that year?

6) (Irony) Who led the skins with 181 tackles in 1997?

7) What Redskin reciever, over a four year span, led the league with 200 of 214 catches going for first downs (that's 93 per cent! ). (What might of been his last year with the team, the main three recievers all made first downs over 90 percent of the time)

8) What redskins recievers have held the mark for all time catches, career?

9) How many redskins have made more than 500 catches in their career? (I'd count entire career, not just as a redskin) Name 'em.

10) Who are the redskins who have made more than 43 interceptions in their entire careers? (There are either 7 or 8, not sure of one)

11) Who was the first running back to gain over 200 yards in a game?

12) Who led the league in interceptions in 1943? (I believe he may have had 12.)

(I'll make it easy for ya. He also led the league in punting and passing....)

13) Name the redskin Qb's either in the hall of fame, who have been "all nfl", "all pro"., or in a pro bowl etc.

14) (This might have changed since 2000.) What QB led his college AND pro team to the greatest comeback in college and pro football?

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