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Men should hold onto dongs, due to recent slashes


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Men should hold onto dongs, due to recent slashes

Doctors are reporting an increase in the number of men being rushed to hospital after their sexual organs have been cut off by jealous wives or girlfriends.

The good news for the castrated men is that the amputated organ can be successfully reattached if it is preserved properly.

Cho Ray and Binh Dan hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City have admitted several such cases lately.


The operation to reattach a severed penis is complicated, says Dr. Vu, because the doctors must reconnect arteries, veins, nerves and other tiny parts.

“Now that we’re experienced, the operation takes about two and a half hours. It used to take up to four hours.”

His colleague Dr. Tran Ngoc Sinh says 80 to 90 percent of penile function is restored if the operation goes well.

Erections return about a month after surgery but ejaculation may be delayed and the penis could be a little smaller than before.

Four out of five operations are successful, according to Dr. Sinh.

The failures mostly result from improper storage of the severed penis.

Dr. Sinh also mentions that it’s impossible to make the organ longer during the operation.

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