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Bleacher Report: Robert Henson could become a "Special" Player


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Thanks for the good words about the article, folks. Henson's a good, sharp kid (although I think that he'll rethink his comment about the physical part of the game being "easy to adjust to" about 10-minutes into his first full-pads training camp session).

Re: free agency. Huff came in a trade. There has been free agency in the NFL since the 1960's but there was a catch. The signing team had to compensate the team losing the player. If they couldn't decide, commissioner Rozelle did. The Redskins' first free agent was Pat Fischer and he cost them a couple of his draft picks. Dave Butz also played out his option and signed with the Skins and the Cardinals got two firsts and a couple of other high picks.

For one year in the late 70's there was unfettered free agency as thee is today. George Allen took advantage of that window to sign John Riggins.

Marshall wasn't actually Plan B, he moved to the Redskins with the compensation based on his salary, which was the formula at the time. Plan B allowed teams to protect a certain number of players on their rosters (I think it was 30) and the rest could go elsewhere.

The current system of free agency came in to effect in 1993 with the cap kicking in in 1994.

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