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Flacco,Cutler or Campbell?


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I'm not sure why so many people are knocking Flacco.

Listen, I can't stand the Ravens, but in order to have fair arguments with my Ravens buddies I force myself to watch every single one of their football games.

Joe Flacco is a solid QB. Certainly, a strong running game, and a very good defense helped him come along during his rookie season. But, if you watched any Ravens football games this past season, you can certainly validate that Joe Flacco made so impressive throws during the year.

What even impressed me even more about Flacco is that he is very calm under pressure. Since I watched every single Ravens game I can point out two times were I felt Flacco looked a bit rattled, and they were both against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Give credit where credit is due. Otherwise, you just sound like a typical Ravens fan who argues with me about the Redskins, yet have never watched them play.

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Flacco had a higher YPA, threw for more touchdowns, was sacked few times, threw for 250 fewer yards, and posted a completion percentage two points lower than Campbell's, yet they're not even?

Sure, Joe threw more interceptions, but that does not make Jason's numbers better per se.

So Flacco's being sacked less has to do with his performance or the OLs performance?

JC is more mobile than Flacco, if JC has as good an OL as Flacco, we would not only see sack numbers go down, but INTs and TDs would have gone up.

I think its stupid to compare the two anyways. Different situations. Flacco is in his first year with a completely different type of team.

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Jason Campbell played in another offense again, behind a battered line and against far superior defenses than Cutler. I don't know who's better but JC faced the #1 defense, #2 defense, #3 defense twice, #5 defense twice, #9 defense twice, #12 defense and #13 defense. Thats 10 games against top defenses.

The Skins WR's are a joke too. Overrated and over paid. I've said it before. They can't come back with Moss, Thrash and Randel El. Playing in different offenses, behind battered lines with sub par WR's is setting JC up for failure when its the damn front office all the time.

You make good points. Its obvious you are looking deeper than the "I hate Campbell" crowd. However, it doesn't really get easier this year because the Giants improved their defensive line this season.

Thats something that Snyder clearly cannot seem to get. Every year the Giants draft a defensive lineman or pick up an excellent free agent or the D line and they continue to stockpile PASS RUSHERS. And coincidentally the Giants are in the playoffs EVERY year.

At some point you would think Vinnie/Danny would get a clue. If Denver had not committed the biggest mistake of the draft by passing over Orakpo, Vinnie admitted the Skins would have traded down...and probably would have picked Oher or some other position.

Isn't it funny that the Skins who NEVER EVER draft defensive line were actually FORCED into drafting defensive line this season. Enjoy it because I doubt it happens for the next 10 years.

As for Campbell, he must face a strong Philly blitz package, the NY pass rush, and Demarcus Ware is still around in Dallas. So any improvement in our passing game will have to come from Campbell and not from facing LESSER competition.

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Flacco doesnt deserve the credibility he is getting right now. The only reason the Ravens got that far was because every mistake that Flacco made, his defense just fought and got the ball back and in good field position. In no way did I really see Flacco "take over a game". He simply managed it and fell back on his defense when he made mistakes

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