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Love ya, Mom


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I have been truly blessed to get the parents I did. They are both intelligent, kind, and giving people. They have impressed me in many ways and taught me both love and discipline. I owe them much. So thanks Mom for all that you say, all the times you've nagged, kvetched, or paced for me and even for the times that you drive me crazy. You took on all the roles of motherhood without complaint and I imagine the burden was heavy at times.

I'm old enough now to have seen many different kinds of mothers and I realize how lucky I was to have one in my life, engaged in my life, and who tried to help me in all the ways that she knew how to.

For Mom's Day, I took her out to Dinner in Old Town Alexandria and then to a concert with Cathy & Marcy, Peggy Seeger and Deborah Tannen. It was a very cool evening and it is alway fun to see her smile and laugh. More, it was cool because I interviewed most of them last week and she got to see how they remembered and warmly responded to my coming to their show. After all these years, I still want my Mom to be proud of me and know I do good work.

Any who, to Mom (even though she doesn't read this board) and to all the other slightly less exceptional Mom's out there (you know in your hearts that you can't compete with mine)... Happy Mother's Day.

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Well done, Burgold.

My life has been blessed by two of the greatest mothers ever. My own mom, and my lovely ex-wife.

My mom is a saint, IMHO. Anyone who can not only tolerate, but love, understand, and appreciate me for all of my 35 years, has to be a saint; pure and simple. My mom has always been a source of great strength for me. She's one of those people who -- to this day -- will give me a hug when I need it; or a swift kick in the ass when I need that.

For that, and her amazing selflessness over the years, I'd just like to say, "Thanks mom, and God bless."

As for my ex, whatever flaws I might be able to find with her -- and there are many, lol -- she is without a doubt the best woman I could have chosen to be the mother of my children. She never sleeps more than four hours or so a night. She ALWAYS puts the kids before herself. She's almost never without one of my daughters needing something, or begging for some attention. And no matter what is thrown at her, she remains the rock of my girls' lives.

I'm sure she won't read this, but Lynn, you know I still love you and appreciate you. Thank you for my girls. And thank you for all you do for them. We are all grateful.

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I spent yesterday with my mom.

Took her shopping. Out for lunch.

Called her this morning.

Gave her a musical card.

The outside said........."Raising me was not an easy job. (It still isn't easy). But when some moms would have given up or said I QUIT.......all you said was........

When you open it.....the music plays......I WILL SURVIVE!!!

Love my mom lots.

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My mom is coming over for dinner tonight and we are having her's and my wife's favorite meal...Crab cakes.

My wife asked for one thing this Mother's day...she wanted chocolate cake...that's all.

To all the moms reading this hope you enjoy your day no group of people deserve it more.

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