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Video: Randle El discusses JC and others on NFL Network


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Thoughts on Jason Campbell?:

JC wants to stay here. I Talked with him and encouraged him to stay focused at getting us to the playoffs and winning a championship. The guys are rallying around him because he gives us all we need at QB. He's currently taking the situation with a grain of salt and wants to prove everyone wrong.

Thoughts on Albert Haynesworth and Deangelo Hall signings?:

It was a big time pick up for us and excited about the move but don't have comment other than whoooooo about the price.

Thoughts on Brian Orakpo?:

He's very talented and good at getting off the ball. Interesting waching him learn the linebacker position. You could tell he's not use to the position as he takes too many steps. But he will eventually get it.

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If he succeeds, why wouldnt you want him in the long run? :whoknows:

No no, I DO want him in the long run - but more importantly, I just want the team to do well as soon as possible. So here's to him doing really well this season.

And lots of lombardis.

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Thanks for posting that link.

I notice that when ever analysts talk about the Redskins as a dedicated segment, they usually say good things, often that we have the capability of making it to the post-season. But when they talk about the Skins more in the context of the NFC East, being compared to the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys, they brush us off. We're kind of forgotten within the division, but when people look at the team we have, I think they realize we're just as competitive as anyone else in the division.

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This is officially the "Mojave Desert" part of the offseason. Draft has come and gone, only FA's left are camp fodder, minus a couple, and we are squeezing stones for any tidbit of info. God I hate this part of the offseason, Basket Ball and Hockey are almost over, The Champions league is about to end, and all that will be left is Baseball. Well, that and soccers retirement league MLS. Damn, Ill be happy when training camp hits.

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:( The off-season is too damn long.

In this case, the longer the better.

Kelly needs to heal those knees.

Randy Thomas needs to heal from neck surgery.

Samuels needs his torn muscle to heal.

Williams needs time to lose weight.

Campbell needs time to digest that playbook and practice.

Daniels needs an extra couple of months to heal.

Devin Thomas needs time to see again.

Fat Albert needs time to invest all that money.

Actually this down time is JUST what the doctor ordered.

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