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HDTV...I need help...I know there was a discussion about it.....


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But I'm having trouble locating it.

What I'm having trouble with though......is understanding HDTV.

I was thinking about buying a nice 53" Widescreen HDTV, and the salesman at the store told me that not only would I need that, but I'd also need an high Def Converter box along with the Satelite Dish(I already have cable tv), along with about $700 worth of Surround Sound Equipment, and about $100 dollars worth of cables.

He said that the High Def converter box would cost me about $500.00 dollars too.

My question is though, I thought if you got the Satelite Dish (which I thought was able to broadcast some stations in High Def), and you bought a new Widescreen tv with High Definition, then WHY would you need the converter box also.

I'm having trouble understanding what I need and what he was telling me...........do I still need that converter box????

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