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SportsTalk980: B Mitch will be inducted into the Ring of Fame

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You're probably a little too young to remember that B-Mitch was the heart and soul of the Redskins for about a decade.

As I've said, dude has rubbed me the wrong way big-time since leaving the Skins, but to overlook what he did for the franchise is foolish.

I definately remember the Norv years, and I remember him bashing us for no apparent reason.

He is second in total yardage in the NFL only because we were so terrible and he had so many chances to return kicks/punts. The guy barely got over 300 yards rushing in a season in his entire 13 year career.

Just looking at stats his best year in 1994 when he led the league in all purpose yards, he was also the player with the most punt+kick returns.

I admit, the guy was a fantastic punt returner, I guess that warrants him being placed in the ring of fame with names like Jergenson, Baugh, and Green...yeah right.

Not to mention when the guy left DC he basically burned any bridge he had, and somehow comcast let him back here. He took less money to play for the Eagles so he could come to FedEx and "stick it to the fairweather fans." Yes, that included you.

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Brian Mitchell is a Philadelphia Eagle.

He belongs in their Ring of Fame, or whatever they call it.

After his diatribes against everything to do with the Skins, including the fanbase, he doesn't deserve to be inducted into OUR Ring of Fame.

As far as the player, and media personality goes, he just doesn't have enough class.

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Mitchell was great for the Skins.

As for his commentary, he seemed to always say what I was thinking. If he was lying or just rambling I'd have a gripe but it seems Skins faithful don't wan anyone talking about the Skins but themselves even if its the truth.

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Der Bangle is right. Mitchell bit the hand that fed him. He slammed the fans that supported him. WHY? We didn't cut him. All we ever did was cheer him yet he slams us? That was the biggest lack of class I've ever witnessed from a former Skin.

I'm not a huge fan of Danny but it's actually pretty classy of him to be able to look past the way Mitchell left and honor him for what he did on the field. I guess the fans will have to do the same but it won't be easy.

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