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*OFFICIAL* Favorite Camp Fodder to pull for...


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I'd like to maybe see Mike at the RT position, but I wouldn't mind Heyer, either. In any case, Mike's so damn big that it'd take a speed rusher about 5 minutes to even get around him.

We should run some unbalanced line like the Dolphins - put Samuels and Big Mike on the same side, kick some ass and take some names.

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1. Mike Williams. Based on all reports, he has tremendous footwork. I really hope he can get back into playing shape as he would be a steal for us and secure the RT spot for the next few years. He has low miles as he was out of the league for a while.

2. Anthony Alridge: His size and speed make him a deadly change of pace back. He can play multiple positions and can be utilized more than just special teams.

3. Trent Shelton: Good size. This kid sounds like a hard worker with a lot of talent. Great player to groom. Low cost. He would solve our 3rd receiver problems in the coming years. This is how you build a team.

4. DJ Hackett: Better than average receiver. Can't stay healthy. Good size. If he does, would be an instant upgrade on the WR roster right after Moss. Knows the system and is in his prime.

5. Roydell Williams: I would rate him higher, but I like the taller receivers, what can I say. I'm not sure how his ankles will hold up. But he has a lot of promise. I'm wondering how his speed has been effected.

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My favorite camp fodder is Chase Daniel, but by NO means does he replace Colt "The football equivalent to Jesus Christ Himself" Brennan.

Why I like Chase -

- He falls on his face in practice

- He eats boogers

- He thinks Colt McCoy has a great ass


Did he really fall on his face at practice? I heard something before... story?

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