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*OFFICIAL* Favorite Camp Fodder to pull for...


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Tommy Breaux and Mike Williams (although I think he'll make the team easily).

I would love to see all of our young WR's pan out...have a core of Thomas, Kelly, Marko, and Tommy. Four (tall) WR sets running rampant would be a dream come true. Not likely, but damn it would be fun.

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I am going to follow the RB situation closely.

As much as I love Cartwright, he's replaceable at this time, IMO. He does a heck of a job securing the ball and consistent on returns, but he has no other role "on the football field". Betts too, IMO, is not a great compliment to Portis. It would be great to get some kind of spark at the RB position.

The battle for me to excited about.

Dominique Dorsey

Anthony Alridge

Marcus Mason

Maybe we carry 4 RB's, who knows?!?! But we have these 3 guys for a reason I think. And one will get a shot to be a contributor on game day come September.

I'm pulling for Dorsey.

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Big Mike by a mile. Guy is becoming a fan favorite already. and it would just be sooooooo great to get a 400 pound 4th over all pic like this to turn into what he was supposed to turn into on OUR team and not the other way around. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Can't we be on the right side of something like this just once at a position of need? Just once? Imagine if he became a stud for a second. This FO looks brilliant if that happens:

Offensive line: Samuels, Dockery, Rabach/Jansen, Thomas, Williams

Defensive line: Carter, Griffin/montgomery, Hanynesworth, Orakpo

Seriously, if williams becomes anything close to what he was supposed to be coming out of Texas, we are beastly on both sides of the ball in the trenches. That is a major improvement. If he isn't unfortunately, I still think we got a major issue at RT that will likely plague us all freakin season.

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I'm putting all my "eggs" into the Anthony Aldridge "basket."

I'm really hoping he can be our Chris Johnson this year, taking over Betts spot in the RB rotation.

I'm also hoping that one of the many WR's we have on the roster can take over Thrash's spot on the WR depth chart and take over Randle El's spot as our primary PR.

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Big Mike (Williams, not the slightly smaller 'Big Mike' Sellers)

Marko Mitchell. I watched this dude during his college days at Nevada. He can ball (and he provides us with an insurance policy in case Kelly's knees never get better.)

Maybe one of those little fireplug KRs. I wouldn't mind having both Cartwright and Dorsey on the roster. Drop a DT, we've already got about five of them...

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