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WANTED: Old style CRT Computer Monitor


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I am about to embark on building my own arcade machine. For this I need a CRT computer monitor. I am looking for a 21", but a 19" would be fine. The only requirement is that it has a flat screen (not the old, old rounded type). Trying to look from DC to Fredericksburg as shipping these bad boys would be ridiculous. Thanks in advance.

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Hmm been wanting a good excuse to get rid of my Mitsubishi 21 inch CRT and get a 24inch flatscreen. Mine does have flat glass.. let me talk to the wife tonight and i'll get back to you! LOL :D I would give you model # but im on our laptop at the moment.. ill update this post in a bout a hour with it, but i do know its a diamond pro series monitor, not the cheapo mitsubishi

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