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Washington Redskins tight end and blogger extraordinaire Chris Cooley, who has become a Hot Clicks staple thanks to an every-guy persona, chatted with SI.com's Jimmy Traina on Wednesday afternoon.

SI.com: OK, I gotta start with the penis incident. You OK with that? [Eds. Note: For those of you who don't know, Cooley accidentally posted a picture on his blog in which he was slightly exposed.]

Cooley: Yeah, dude, I don't care. The whole thing just sucked because obviously it was an accident. I was trying to get a blog post up and I was hurrying because I had to get to a game. My brother Tanner, who does the blog with me, always edits stuff really well -- but we were in a hurry. So it was an accident, but it sucked because we were both at the game all day and we didn't know it was on the site.

SI.com: Do people still give you a hard time about it?

Cooley: Only in interviews. Only people like you. But the NFL made me undergo a psychiatric evaluation. They treated it really seriously. Please. It was an accident. If I wanted to post a picture of my penis I wouldn't have been all hunched over.

SI.com: What was the result of the psychiatric evaluation?

Cooley: I don't even know, dude. I had to do a call with some lady. I thought it was gonna take two minutes, but it was like an hour. It was horrible.

SI.com: You have one of the most popular athlete blogs out there. Were you expecting that?

Cooley: As far as starting, me and Tanner just thought we could do something different and kind of interesting. When it started, I thought it was just a Web site. I didn't even know what a blog was. My brother and I just thought we could do a cooler Web site than other guys. So we started telling little stories about what was going on. And Yahoo's Shutdown Corner really helped us out. I learned what people like. And I'm not the type of person who's not upfront. I'm open about everything. We continued because everyone seemed to like it and we had a lot of fun doing it and we've enjoyed it.

SI.com: Have you gotten in trouble with anyone for anything that's been on the blog?

Cooley: Nah, but I think that's because everyone knows me and knows how I am. When I do or say something, the reaction is just "That's Chris." I know people in the Redskins organization are concerned because I have unlimited access and an arena where I can put anything I want out on it, so I'm sure people are concerned with the possibilities, but I'm not gonna embarrass anybody or give anyone a hard time. Plus, what I do on the blog usually is just about me.

(interview continues)

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