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Your Thoughts on the Number One Song: New York State of Mind


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I plan on making this an evolving thread. I'll update the OP and title as necessary. For the sake of argument, I'll be basing the song off of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart found here. I believe that Billboard updates their charts every Friday. If/when the number one song changes, I'll change the OP to reflect it.

I'll post the song title and artist(s) as well as a youtube video (if possible) when I update the OP as the new charts are released. If you guys want to turn it into a game predicting who will be the new number one hit we could do that as well.

Week of 5/1/09: Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

...Boom Boom Pow at #1 for a long time, until 7/11/09 when I Gotta Feeling took over...

Week of 8/7/09: Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling


Week of 11/7/09: Owl City - Fireflies

Week of 11/14/09: Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

Week of 11/21/09: Owl City - Fireflies

Week of 11/28/09: Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys - New York State of Mind

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My thoughts on Boom Boom Pow...

I think it's a catchy song and I'm glad that Fergie is back with the Black Eyed Peas where she belongs. I like the bass in the song but it does get repetitive. I'd probably get into this song if I were drunk or at a bar/club and this song was playing. For some reason though, I can't help but think to myself, "My lovely lady humps!" when listening to Fergie on this song.

PS: Yet another song with autotune though... jeez.:doh:

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Good thread idea.

I don't like that song. I'm not a huge fan of BEP. I like when Fergie tells Wil.I.Am to put the beat down, though.

Oh, and can't discuss this song without:


Thanks... Let's hope this thread doesn't sink like the Titanic. :)

That video is funny as hell, I need to get some dance lessons from that little guy.

she looks like a man...


She sure does. As many guys I've heard say something like, "I'd hit it." or "She's so so hot!" I couldn't disagree any more. She is and always has been pretty disgusting to me.

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I have a feeling this will be my response for all of your threads Springfield.


Don't worry... I'm going to keep it contained to only one epic thread. I honestly think that there are a lot of people on this site who like the song. I don't care for it a whole lot and wouldn't be caught listening to it in my car with the windows down and the volume turned up. I would listen and dance (if that is what you'd call what I do to hip songs) to it if I were in the acceptable situation to do so.

But yes, I know what you mean. I fully expect for most number one songs to get negative feedback in this thread. It's funny though because in BD's thread about top 20 iTunes songs there were quite a few people who had Lil Wayne songs in their list.

Side note...

I was on my way home from Verizon after game 5 and this guy and girl pulled up to me at a stop light. They had the song blaring in the car. The girl yelled over to me and asked where I bought my car from. Apparently my car attracts women who listen to superficial music.

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And just for further clarification...

The title of this thread will change if there is a new number one song on Friday. Another song for you guys to bash!

And so on... and so on... and so on... as the new number one songs come out.

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OK HOW ABOUT THIS, how about we nominate songs, that aren't #1 that should be (songs that are on the list already after you post the true #1 song)...

That's a good idea. You'd have to limit it to songs from the top 10 though because I'm sure people would run wild with songs that nobody (except themselves) have ever heard of.

The purpose of the thread is at least to discuss popular music, as bad as it may be. Everyone here has heard most of these songs, whether they want to or not.

If I had to choose one the songs currently in the top 10 to be number one, it would either be Boom Boom Pow or Blame It by Jamie Fox. It's a damn shame that there aren't hardly any songs any more that don't use autotune as an effect.

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I like Jamie's Blame It actually, it uses the Auto-Tune a little better IMO...

When it comes to autotune (that is noticable) I think that there are two general uses.

Use number one is used when not actually trying to sing in tune and it makes the artist sound fabricated.

Use number two is used when the artist sings in tune (or close to it) and it give the artist a more electronic sound.

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It's a no brainer song. It's catchy but really took no talent to create or perform; in other words a typical black eyed peas song.

It takes no talent to perform, but there must be some talent in creating a song that gets in your head like that. Gazillions of people are trying to make catchy songs and just fail.

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It takes no talent to perform, but there must be some talent in creating a song that gets in your head like that. Gazillions of people are trying to make catchy songs and just fail.

Half of it is their own image that propels the song. The other half is that it's so technically produced that there really isn't any sense of a person to instrument interaction other than Stacy Ferguson's voice. It's a slick, well produced song, which is its greatest downfall imo.

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