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Basically just pretend you've won a contest that allows you to attend one of the following US pro sporting events. You can go to one and only one, completely free of charge, seats of your choosing. The only catch is, your favorite team/player is NOT participating in the event.


World Series

NBA Finals

Stanley Cup Final

Indianpolis 500

The Masters (golf)

US Open (tennis)

For those events that include multiple games (world series, nba finals, stanley cup, for example), assume you arr going to the FINAL game only.

Oh and if you don't like my list then TOO BAD!!!!!!

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Stanley Cup.

Super Bowl would be awesome, but it's not the same atmosphere as a real NFL game. It just seems like it would be too snooty and corporate, and wouldnt have the same rapidness of a game were everyone is a rabid fan of the teams on the field.

Stanley Cup on the other hand, are home games for one of the teams, and the home fans are even more rapid than usual.

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I have the same hesitation as PB about the super bowl. It seems so corporate and almost overhyped recently. Like it's more about the event than the game. And how many actual fans of one of the teams get to attend?

Thats my reason for Stanley Cup. Plus I am probably in the minority here but I think football is best on TV while hockey is the best live sport.

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