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Before you say "UDFA's mean nothing/unlikely to contribute"..(look at good NFL lines)


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The Vikings have 1 UDFA on their starting OL (Anthony Herrera).

The Giants have 2 UDFA on their starting line(Rich Seubert, *EDIT* Shaun O'Hara).

The Panthers have 1 UDFA ont heir starting line (Keydrick Vincent).

The Broncos have 1 UDFA on theirs (Casey Wiegmann)

and lastly

The Chargers have 1 UDFA for them (Kris Dielman)

There are probably a lot more, but I wanted to go through the 'elite' lines and find some gems they got through signing UDFA's. In addition, there are tons of 6th and 7th's featured in the elite lines.

So whats the lesson? The Redskins should stick to the player they like, not who we like. Its their system and they have the best offensive line coach in the league, so I'll take my chances with them developing guys.

(But srsly Skins, sign a few of those guys out there ;))

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EDIT: Beaten

Yeah, WHAT?! Haha jk

The OP does make a good point though. Jeff Saturday is the one I usually think of when thinking of undrafted linemen. He's arguably the best center in the game and he didn't have his name called on draft day.

I'm not confident in our FO's ability to find those gems (they're almost 100 percent going to sign a couple UMD linemen), but it can happen.

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Says who? Obviously their board didn't reflect that, they even said this was a bad draft for OL. Let Buges work his magic and complain when it doesn't work.:D

I think Bugel's magic wand ran out of juice a while ago. Where is Reinhart? Has Heyer stepped up and grabbed the ROT position? If he didn't play at MD, we probably never would have brought him in! Lefotu had the medical issue, which is excusable. Otherwise, all he is working with are high draft picks / starters brought in through free agency.

Wilson? Molinaro? Reggie Coleman? Where is the player development?

Bugel v1 >>>> Bugel 2.0

Edit: I hear all these names of UDFA who went on to greater things. What is the average, like one per year? Excuse me for not having the faith in our front office to choose the correct UDFAs to bring in...

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