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Picks in place of next years draft?


Would You Trade Chris Horton for Jeremy Zuttah?  

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  1. 1. Would You Trade Chris Horton for Jeremy Zuttah?

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Folks, help me out a little here, because I'm drawing a blank. There are the regular picks in an NFL draft...and then there are the compensation picks at the end of rounds 3-7 for free agent losses.

Am I making this up, or is there a 3rd class of picks, which you make in exchange for giving up a pick in the next years draft, or something like that? I seem to remember the Cincinnati Bengals drafting Ahmad Brooks out of UVA a few years ago in this manner.

If I haven't imagined this, what is it called, how does it work, etc.?

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supplemental draft

this is from wikipedia if you dont know how it works:

In late summer, the NFL also holds a Supplemental Draft to accommodate players who did not enter the regular draft because they thought they still had academic eligibility to play college football. Draft order is determined by a weighted system that is divided into three groupings. First come the teams that had six or fewer wins last season, followed by non-playoff teams that had more than six wins, followed by the 12 playoff teams. In the supplemental draft, a team is not required to use any picks. Instead, if a team wants a player in the supplemental draft, they submit a "bid" to the Commissioner with the round they would pick that player. If no other team places a bid on that player at an earlier spot, the team is awarded the player and has to give up an equivalent pick in the following year's draft. (For example, FS Paul Oliver was taken by the San Diego Chargers in the fourth round of the Supplemental Draft in 2007; thus, in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Chargers forfeited a fourth-round pick.)

The 1985 Supplemental Draft was particularly controversial. Bernie Kosar of the University of Miami earned his academic degree a year early but did not enter the regular draft that year. Rather than finish his eligibility at Miami, he entered into talks with his favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. They advised Kosar to delay his professional eligibility until after the regular draft. They then traded for the right to choose first in the Supplemental Draft. This angered many clubs, notably the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, who had expressed interest in choosing him in that season's regular draft. Many of today's Supplemental Draft rules aim at preventing a recurrence of this incident.

As of 2007, players who enter the Supplemental Draft usually are graded as players who should be drafted at a later round, or who have college eligibility problems (poor academic or discipline issues). Only 38 players have been taken since the NFL instituted the Supplemental Draft in 1977.

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