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NFL.com blogs: Stafford is/will be the Lions #1 pick


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Source: Nothing will stop Lions from taking Stafford

Posted: Draft, News | NFL.com Staff | Tags: 2009 NFL Draft, Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford

A source inside the Detroit Lions organization told NFL.com’s Thomas George that neither the team nor QB Matthew Stafford believe any differences in contract talks will stop the Georgia quarterback from becoming the No. 1 overall pick in Saturday’s draft.

Stafford has previously expressed his desire to play for the Lions, and he didn’t waver from that stance on Friday.

“We’ve had some good talks, some good visits and sessions, and I would feel very comfortable there and believe I could become a part of growing something special,” Stafford said. “I wouldn’t feel lost there at all.”

Also making his pitch to be the Lions’ No. 1 pick was Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry, who told NFL.com’s Pat Kirwan that he would take less money than 2008 No. 1 pick Jake Long did from the Miami Dolphins.

But Stafford appears to be the Lions’ first choice, and the sides have been trying to put the finishing touches on a deal all week.

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Well, anything is an improvement over 0-16 and "something special" for the Lions would be an 8-8 season. I guess he is an optimist. I know if I was going to Detroit, I'd want to get all the guaranteed money I possibly could just in case going there dooms my career.

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Just posted on NFL.com:

Stafford strikes deal with Lions

Georgia QB Matthew Stafford will be the No. 1 overall pick after agreeing to a six-year deal with the Detroit Lions, NFL.com's Steve Wyche reports. The contract has $41.7 million guaranteed but can be worth up to $78 million.

No further details, just that blurb at the top of the home page. Not much of a surprise, but there you go.

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I hope the Sanchez lovers can see the numbers that Stafford is going to be making. Way too much risk to put in any rookie QB. Yeah, Sanchez is going to make less, but if he goes around 4, it's not going to be much different.

Seattle isn't going to take Sanchez and the Skins won't go any lower than 8 to reach for him for a number of reasons.

And rookie numbers are all a huge risk and will be until a rookie cap is added to the next cba. This really has nothing to do with Sanchez other than you trying to figure in another reason not to take him.

BTW, i'm still against drafting him, simply stating facts.

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Done deal: QB Stafford will be Lions' No. 1 pick on six-year agreement

NFL.com Wire Reports

Matthew Stafford will be the Detroit Lions' No. 1 overall draft pick after agreeing Friday night to a six-year deal that NFL.com's Steve Wyche reports will pay the quarterback $41.7 million in guarantees and could be worth as much as $78 million.

Quarterback Matt Ryan, the No. 3 pick in last year's draft, received a six-year, $72 million contract, with $34.75 million guaranteed, from the Atlanta Falcons.

The Lions desperately need a quarterback to help turn around the NFL's first 0-16 team, which has had the worst eight-year stretch in the league since World War II, and is turning to Stafford after he was a starter in each of his three seasons at the University of Georgia.

The NFL draft starts Saturday with the first two rounds and continues Sunday with five rounds.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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