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April 24, 2004: The Redskins select...........


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I remember this board still being punch-drunk about Gibbs' return. After three months, the majority could still not believe it. But the board was slowly returning to business-as-usual bickering.

The subject?

Sean Taylor versus Kellen Winslow Jr. Who do we pick at #5?

I was clamoring for Taylor as I remember my beloved Hokies facing him every year. Dude redefined the position and the game itself. I couldn't believe anybody with even an iota of football knowledge would've wanted Winslow over Taylor. Yet the debate raged.

(Did the Winslow supporters ever fess up for being imbeciles, btw?)

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Virginia decided to schedule the GRE on draft day and I was stuck drafting some meaningless writing sample when the Skins selected. I didn't find out about Taylor until about 3pm. Talk about rejoice. Might've been the last time I felt confident about the direction this organization was going.

Would Snyder have even picked Taylor if Gibbs/Williams weren't here, or if, God forbid, Spurrier decided the third year's the charm?

Imagine that for a second.

Damn memories of yesteryear...........can't believe that was five years ago. Can't believe that was one of the last times I was confident in the Redskins.

Anyway, I never start threads in the Stadium, but I thought this very important date in Redskins history should be highlighted.


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