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Stuff that you have on your ipod that you haven't listened to

Spaceman Spiff

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For me, it's Bob Dylan. I like Dylan enough and I have 3 of his cd's on my ipod thanks to BT...but I've never listened to any of it.

No idea how long its been there, no idea if I'll end up erasing it or not. Its just that I never really want to listen to him...but I like knowing it's there.

I know I can't be alone on this. What do you have on your ipod that you've never listened to?

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oh youre def not alone. i got about 20songs that have not been PLAYED out of the 1550 that i have. no idea how many i havent LISTENED to. i know its a pretty big number though. my room is never quiet except for maybe like between 2am and 830am. music is always playing. and i listen to my ipod as i fall alseep too.,

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