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Joe Mendes Situation

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Obviously the resignation of Joe Mendes is a great loss to the front office over at the Park. Joe was a genius when it came to the salary cap. Many of the good deals put together were done so with Joe keeping an eye on the numbers down the road. You have to wonder what went wrong with the top execs over there. Joe left before because of his rocky relationship with Cerrato and it appears that when Vinny was brought back by Snyder, this began the process again for Mendes. Joe is a great guy and one of the best at what he does in the NFL. You can't look at this in any other way than a loss for a team that is trying to get back to the top. Good football people are hard to find.

This couldn't happen at a worse time because of the pending contract negotiations with Lavar and Champ. Joe actually is the one guy who has been around in the ballgame before both players ever got here. His presence surely helped the negotiations with these two high profile players. Let's hope Mr. Snyder and Vinny will adopt some of the good spending principles that Joe brought to the table for the future of the organization. I do think the front office has learned from their past mistakes but to what level, that remains to be seen.

Here's to hoping we don't have to look back on this move as a reason for disappointment in the future.

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