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As the roster stands today, who would you hope/want would be a Redskin five years from today?

I expect a lot of faces to be gone in the next three and I don't know that I will be as attached or disappointed to see them go as I was "my" original skins cast of Theismann, Riggo, Monk, Green, Jacoby, Bostic, Grimm (it's amazing... I bet I could name almost all 22 starters and some back ups from those years without even pausing to take a breath).

Anyway, we're going to see a bunch of turnover. Who do you expect/hope will be a part of the team? I think the number will be very, very small.

Devin Thomas, but not Kelly. Landry and Horton may still be here. I think Cooley will be hanging on, but Davis may be long gone. Portis, Moss, El, will be gone as will Samuels, Jansen, Thomas, and Rabach. Hayneworth will be gone as will Carter, Daniels, Montgomery, Golston. Betts will be gone. I'd like to believe Campbell will be here b/c that meant we were very successful. Hall might be here. Rogers might as well. Although, that would be depending on two oldish corners. I think Blades might survive.

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