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Redskins' VP Mendes Replaced

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Things change. You adapt and move on, that's the way the world works.

Seems to me that Mendes currently remaining or should I say formally remaining duties shouldn't be to hard take care of. Just need to hire a hotrod accounting wiz, which aren't exactly rare.

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I am with most of the posters here, in that I regret this move. I like what the Skins did in the offseason. But then again I liked what the Skins did at the time in the past three offseasons, and those moves didn't pan out well. Only time will tell if this offseason plan pans out.

I don't care for Vinny Cerrato. After all what has he ever accomplished? The 49ers let him go. No other team in the NFL was beating down the doors to pick him up. I read that the 49ers thought he was in way over his head. Then Snyder hires him and Shottenheimer fires him. Vinny drafted LaVar and Samuels with the #2 and #3 picks. So what? Big deal. The rest of his drafts and free agent signings were a bust for the most part. He also arranged some lousy contracts -- also partly Snyder's fault at the

time -- which got us in cap hell before Shottenheimer came in.

Mendes is looked upon as strictly a numbers guy, but he has been

a scout and talent evaluator far longer then Vinny has. Now

I suspect we will also lose Ron Ney who is a top talent evaluator and possibly some good scouts. Without continuity in the front

office, the team will never have overall continuity.

We need a good young general manager to replace Vinny Cerrato...... someone like Bruce Allen of the Raiders, who has Skins family ties and has done a good job of learning how to manage the cap from Al Davis. :shootinth

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Why does everyone assume the worst?

Who ever said Cerrato was taking over contract negotiations?

Who ever said we're not going to hire someone else?

Why is Ron Nay automatically going to leave?

I think Snyder has learned a great deal- we'll be fine.


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Just looked outside and from what I saw the sky isnt falling.

I dont see what the big deal is.

Worst(?) case scenario Danny does the Champ deal himself over a jumbo shwimp dinner and shwimp dinners with a side dish of jumbo signing bonus means Champ be a longterm skin.

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