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I find this very uniquely Sexy


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Women who play Bass Guitar.

And I'm not talkin about a hot model holding a bass guitar as an awkward prop that she don't know what to do with, looking like she's out of place.

I'm talkin about a woman (who's at least half-decent looking), who truly knows how to handle the bass. There's somethin sexy about it.

She doesn't have to be that great lookin, but if she can pluck the bass well, then she becomes 10 times hotter.

Why is it just the bass guitar, and no other instrument ?

I don't know - it just is.......




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This photo is poor quality, and not a very good angle, but this girl I know, looks great paired up with her Pink Bass

You have time to know any girls/women when you are in here posting thread after thread after thread every day? :hysterical: Good one man!

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Hey, I know a classy African American woman who is a studio electric bass player at my office. She's not too money in the looks department, but she has that groovy jazz "vibe." I'll let her know she's the cat's meow. Perhaps she will want to weigh in here.

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my wife (college gf) majored in graphic design, so i frequented the creative arts center. kk is right.

some of you guys are pushing the limit on "sexy" in these pics.

My daughter is a graphic design artist.

I still think most of the pics are "Sexy" but then again what do I know Major.

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